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The Pet Cancer Awareness Month Special

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Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Sit Up Doggy was created with the concept in mind of doing no harm.

Our story is about a Belgium Shepherd named Jayda.  She was 7 years old when diagnosed with cancer and we put her down a year later.  

She was an awesome dog and we loved her like we love all of our dogs. So we didn't want our dogs to get cancer in the future.

I researched and came to the conclusion no more junky treats with artificial colors, flavors and preservatives in them.

That's when I made my own dog treats. I knew it was a hit when he would lay under the table just waiting for dough to fall or a crumb. But ...

All these treats are made from superfood. Food that is good and nutrient dense.

Your puppers will like them Guaranteed.

 How To Order

Follow the instructions

Click on what flavors you want and add to cart

Choose 4 of them. 

Bonus - 

Automatically send you a treat with icing - paw print or large dog bone.

If you want a paw print with a saying choose that item as well. In the comments when checking out tell us what you want printed. Make it short and sweet.

Then continue to follow the Check Out Instructions.

Enter the Coupon Code "PCAM"

You will get a free bag of treats.

If you want more than one of the same thing you have to choose it again.