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At Sit Up Doggy Treats we really like dogs.  You can find me walking my dog everyday around noon and in the kitchen cooking up an extra batch of treats late at night for our customers. [hyperlink style="1" href="http%3A%2F%2Fsitupdoggy.com%2Ftreat-collection%2F" font_size="46" align="left"]See All Of Our Products[/hyperlink]

We make them for our dogs and the "grand-dogs" first.   If the treats pass the test with these dogs then we offer them to you!  
We would like you to be a member of this group and show us your dog having fun or showing off that special trick he does.  Click here to email us a photo or video and we will post it on the dog album page. We understand that dogs have many needs.  Some dogs may have allergies and some owners just prefer not to give their dogs gluten. Owners buy dog treats based on the dietary requirements of their pet. We make a variety of dog treats that fit dietary requirements for many types of needs.
Our concern when shopping online is your privacy and security.  We have decided to use Shopify, a third party, to host our cart and provide security.
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