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Dog Treat Special For Qualified Businesses

What You Receive

You will receive 10 dog treat bags.  We sell each bag of dog treats for $6 or 2 for $10.  It is up to you to put a value on them.

If you sell them for $6.00 you will have made $60.  That is enough to cover your next order. Wholesale they are $2.75 for each bag.  Minimum order is $50 plus shipping cost.

Great For ...

This works great for resale and consignment shops as well as craft shops, dog groomers and pet supply businesses.

Add-on Product

This a great item to add to your offerings.  They can be put in gift baskets, they can be sold as an impulse item near the cash register or on an end cap.  They can be bundled with some of your other products. 

They can be used to bring customers back more often as they are seen as a high value treat.  You may want to offer a free bag for every five dog groomings.  You can bundle them with a leash and a collar so they will come back more often.

You know that people love their dogs and will treat them well with treats and other goodies.  Take part in this business niche with no risk to you.  We pay for the treats and the shipping on the first order.

Am I Crazy?

Some people think this is crazy but I know for sure and am willing to bet that these treats will make you money.  They will bring in repeat customers.  It is a consumable that will have customers coming back again and again.  

I know if you try them and profit from them we will partner for a long time to come.


Simple to qualify just enter the information below.  We will look at your page and let you know if you qualify.

Thank you for your cooperation and trust.  We look forward to working with and serving businesses both physical and virtual.

To our mutual success.