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The Pillar of Truth - The Church is Called to be the keeper of truth

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the pillar of truth

Why The Church Is The Pillar Of Truth

There are only a few days to the election. What does the word of God have to do with the election? Well plenty. Christians are the largest voting block in the United States.
The church can make the biggest difference in the country if 
  • We knew the truth
  • We were committed to keeping the truth
  • We have courage to stand up for truth
  • We listen to Almighty God and do what is right not what is popular

A Pillar of Truth - What does that mean?

A pillar supports a beam that holds up the roof or the floor.  It bears the weight of what it holds and transfers it to the foundation which is laid on a solid surface. I am not going to get into Greek word studies here but we, the church, are the pillar of truth.   The pillar never created anything. The truth was given by our Heavenly Father. He never changes and the truth will never change.  What was wrong 50 years ago, was wrong 100 years ago and it was wrong 1000's of years ago.  It will be wrong tomorrow and it will be wrong 1000's of years from now. We are to uphold the truth no matter what the culture says or what names they call us or what pressure they apply.

Jesus is the Foundation of Truth

For no one can lay a foundation other than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 3:11 Jesus is the foundation and the truth.   We find thing in the Bible that are out of place in the natural world. So how can Jesus be the truth that we hold up and then also be the foundation that we rest upon? I n the natural world the roof is the roof and the foundation is the foundation.  But here Jesus is both.

The Church Should Know The Truth

The church should know the truth. Knowing the truth comes
  • by reading the Bible
  • by meditating on the word
  • by praying (talking and listening to our Heavenly Father)
  • by bringing every thought captive - every thing that you hear, every thing that you see

The Election and Electing People To Office

First I have no misconceptions about our candidates.  They are not God and they are flawed.  At one time I was a candidate for office and I knew I was flawed. When I elect someone character counts.  Are they trustworthy, greedy, do they play both sides, do they have convictions that I agree with? I know not a candidate out there agrees with everything I agree with.  So I look at the most important issues and see how they line up. For president there is one candidate who looks down on Christians and thinks we should change our values.  That is what she said in an email. The other candidate I think will Christians a fair shake.  At least he says he would like to see abortion ended and the states would get to decide about that issue. One candidate has plenty of money and a billion dollar non profit and acts as though she is on the brink of being poor.  The other candidate makes no bones about having money or not paying taxes. There should be no excuse for being rich if it was done legally.  Rich people create jobs for other businesses and they could create businesses that employ others.
So I will make 20% of you happy, 20% of you angry and the others probably won't care when I say I will vote for Trump.
We need to stand up for the truth not with hate but with love.The truth that Jesus Christ is the foundation of truth. We as the church should speak the truth on abortion, welfare, taxes, social policy, a woman's role in the military, gay marriage, education, personal property rights, environmental protection, justice, health care, how to be a good neighbor and every other issue.   Knowing the truth and being educated about our choices we should vote with wisdom.


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