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How To Give Your Dog CBD Oil and the Proper Amount

Posted by Richard Massafra on

We're going to make this simple. Really simple.

The starting recommendations are 1mg/10lbs of body weight.

The one directly below is for a 30 pound dog.

3mg CBD Oil Dog treat

The one below is for a 60 pound dog.

6mg CBD Oil peanut butter banana dog treat

The below image is the tincture.  900mg is good for medium and large dogs.  The 225 mg is good for cats and small dogs.

CBD Oil calming pets and helping with pain.


So what do you give them if they weigh 10 pounds?  Start with half a 3mg CBD Oil dog treat.

My dog weighs about 45 pounds what should I do? Get the 6mg treat and break them in half and try that.  If they need more than give them the whole treat. You can also break 1/2 into half and give them 3/4 of a treat.

I got a beast over 100 pounds now what?  The best bet is drops give 1 drop for every 10 pounds of body weight.  1 whole dropper full is good for a 150 pound dog.

My dog doesn't like peanut butter how can you help him?  Start with the oil and give one drop for every ten pounds of body weight.

Someone in my house is allergic to peanuts.  That OK start with the CBD Oil and give 1 drop for every 10 pounds of body weight.

They really aren't working enough what should I do.  Slowly increase the dose. It won't get the high. You can give 1 1/2 times what you were giving them or even 2 times as much, in extreme cases even 3x as much as the original dose. You may not have to do this forever. Once you see good consistent results cut back a little  and maybe a little more a bit later.


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