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How Many Dog Treats To Give A Dog?

Posted by Richard Massafra on

How Many Dog Treats?

This is a common question I get asked when I am out and about.  Is your dog overweight?  Does your dog need it to keep up his energy?  These are some questions that need asked.  But there is no common answer to the number of treats. 

All dogs are different, their needs are different, their diets are different and the goals of the owners are different. Some people train the dog with treats.  Others just like to give their dog treats to make them happy.

What Size Treats Should My Dog Have?

Once again there is no common answer.  You see if your dog is on a diet it would be different than for a dog that is full of energy.  Another difference may be the size of the treat.  Treats come in all sizes and shapes.  Small treats can be the size of a pistachio.  Large treats can be the size of a couple of Oreos. 

All of our treats can be broken up int smaller pieces.  When using treats for training purposes it is a good idea to give small high reward treats.

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Treat Puzzles!

There are many games and puzzles used to keep dogs engaged and out of trouble.  You may have seen or heard of these treat puzzles.  A famous one is Kong.  Then there are ones shaped like a ball that filled with treats.  Then others are puzzles with sliding and moving parts.

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