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Dog Training With Positive Reinforcement and Negative

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dog training positive reinforcementDog Training With Positive Reinforcement and Negative

Before bringing a dog home means being prepared to provide training. There are varieties of methods to conduct dog training. Include the D I Y training that many dog owners do and the methods are multiplied. Positive reinforcement is a very old philosophy based on the premise that reinforcing good behavior is more pleasant to both the owner and the dog aside from not resulting into developing undesirable characteristics in the dog. It motivates dogs to obey more readily and more eager to learn. Basically, positive reinforcement is rewarding a dog whether by food, by a hug and embrace, and by play.

Negative Reinforcement Dog Training

On the other hand, negative reinforcement is an older technique that basically uses punishment based on the idea that the dog will remember better what it is not supposed to do when it will be potentially be harmed as a result.

Negative reinforcement uses yelling, choke chains, confinement, direct harm, electric shock, and electric fences. Because of these qualities, the popularity of positive reinforcement in dog training grew, one of the reasons is that it is never pleasant to have an animal in the house that only obey based on fear.

The dog need to fear its owner from time to time, but mostly it does not create very strong bonds. Another danger to negative reinforcement is that once the dog owner starts using pain as a deterrent for bad behavior, the temptation to resort to harm often gets stronger especially when the dog refuses as dogs do from time to time. It also makes the dog more lethargic and melancholic.

While patience in dog training is a must, positive reinforcement does not totally undermines the negative. If ever a negative reinforcement is required the ratio of use is about 99:1 where you apply 99% of positive reinforcement in training the dog.

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