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Dog - Man's Best Friend?

Posted by Mark Henderson on

Interesting Dog Facts

Dogs may not be man's best friend but it is the most loyal. Fiercely loyal in fact that it is capable of self-sacrifice if its owners are in danger and they think the  need exists. They do not possess the intelligence that we would often believe that they have in fact their brains are 10% smaller than that of wolves, but they are attentive or on many occasions pretend to comprehend. With the comprehension comes the obedience. Dogs unlike other animals do not have the capability to premeditate its actions to solve a problem or a situation although it learns by constant observation and repetitive instructions and examples. Whatever they lack in intelligence, they compensate with unquestioning obedience and love or at least, the semblance of it.

Man's Best Friend or Leader of the Pack

Dogs on the other hand see humans as pack leaders - members of their pack. Men therefore have to be obeyed and would need as much cooperation from the dog similar to how the dog will respond to a pack leader in the wild. In spite of all these traits, dogs are predators. This is why dogs need training because when left to themselves, they would start believing that they are the alpha males and superior to their owners.

History of Dogs

Dogs are generally believed to have descended from wolves, hence the similarity. In antiquity, dogs that are near human settlements eat human refuse that resulted in shorter fangs, limp ears and smaller brains compared to wolves because these attributes are not being used anymore and has become unnecessary.

Tails That Curl

Another dog trait not found in wolves is tails that curl upwards and paws that are half the size of those that wolves have. Dogs with long noses (like hounds) have excellent field visions that are wide although not as detailed, on the other hand, dogs with shorter noses as with Pugs sees better details although with a narrower perspective.

Floppy Ears or Not

Dogs may have floppy ears but they hear sounds four times better than humans and with eighteen muscles to move them around they could detect the source of the sound more accurately. Dogs with more natural looking ears could hear and detect sounds much better.

Smell Cells

Humans may have five million smell sensitive cells enough to make scent detection and scent identification efficient but dogs have 220 million cells in their nose cavities. Mans love affair with dogs goes a very long way; there are more breed of dogs than any other animal species on earth. Is it true that dogs are man's best friend?

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