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Choosing The Best Dog Collar

Posted by Mark Henderson on

puppy dog collarsThe Best Dog Collar For Your Puppy

If the goal is to teach your dog or pass on an personality to it, dog collars and leashes can do it. Dog collars are available in a selection of fashions, dimensions and forms, and are much of a style statement these days.

A dog collar may well be a help for your puppy if, God forbid, it runs away from your home. Many dog collars can be customized with engraving of name and phone number.  Or a tag can be added with appropriate information.  

With such an extensive selection of dog collars to be had, opting for the appropriate one for your puppy can be research intensive. For a rather docile puppy, a collar made up of soft cloth is fairly suitable.

Collars are made for many functions.  They include training, walking, adding style and personality.  A popular training collar is a martingale collar.  It provides more control than a slip or choker collar

One more collar style is a prong collar, which is of assistance if your puppy usually pulls hard while on leash. When used properly, prong collars by no means cause any harm to the puppy, and are a great deal safer than even other styles of dog collars.


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