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Amazing Dog Facts

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amazing dog facts  

Amazing Dog Facts

Have you wondered why dogs curl up in a ball when they sleep? How many teeth a dog has? or What is the normal body temperature of a dog?
Well there are many amazing facts you will amazed to learn.  Just read on.

Dog Facts - Body and Health

  A dog has more teeth as an adult.  Yep puppies have 28 teeth and adult doggies have a whopping 42 chompers. Those 28 puppy teeth can do some damage to shoes, clothes and toys.

Do you think your dog has a fever better think again?  A dogs normal body temperature is 101 and 102.5 degrees F.  Since that is warmer than a persons 98.6 degrees body temperature it can feel warm to us.

1-2-3 that's the number of eyelids a dog has.   An upper eyelid, a lower eyelid and a special eyelid or "haw"  that keeps the eye moist and protected.

Not much bud,  Dogs have about 1700 taste buds compare to us humans who have 9000 taste buds.

You probably saw it in black and white that dogs are color blind.  Well that is not exactly the case.  Dog see many shades of gray , blue,  yellow and green-yellow.

Why Do Dogs Do That?

Does your dog need Prozac?  Why do dogs chase their tails?  There are several reasons.  It can be boredom  or they are confined in small areas.  They will also chase their tails when they have fleas.  

Get the Prozac out for Canine Compulsive Disorder.  The last reason I will give is because it is in the genes.  Some breeds are more likely to chase their tails such as German Shepherds and bull terriers.

Does your dog chase things in his sleep?   Dogs have sleep cycles like people do.  During REM paws move, twitching occurs as well as barking or growling.

Dogs sleep curled up in ball because they just want their pictures taken and posted on Facebook.  Nope that's not it.  They do it keep themselves warm.  Some people think it is to protect themselves and their vital organs from predators.

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