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8 Reasons Not To Adopt A Dog

Posted by Mark Henderson on

Why you shouldn't adopt a dog

Reasons Not To Adopt A Dog

A dog is irresistible for dog lovers, a puppy more so. There are times, however, when adopting a dog is not recommended. The following guidelines will give reasons not to adopt a dog.. - A dog is never a good gift. This is not only true for the dog but also for the recipient of the gift. To many people, even with dog lovers, dogs take too much time and too much work to have around especially so because a dog as a gift is an unplanned responsibility. - Often, the worst time to give a dog is to a person that has just suffered the loss of a loved one, in order to cheer the person up. This is a well-meant gesture but always the person who has suffered a loss will need human companionship. - Adopting a dog is never good for people who are having financial concerns. Like people, dogs need grooming, training, exercising, caring aside from food and shelter. - Too many times, a dog is claimed to relieve stress because of their loving presence and loyal nature. Dogs also appear attentive when talked to and has a calming effect to many people. - People who constantly travel should not adopt a dog. Dogs are very social creatures and love interacting with people. - It is not always wise to give dogs to people who have just lost a pet. Dogs by and large are treated much like members of the family. The person may not welcome or is not yet ready to replace a well-loved pet. - Never adopt a dog when there are foreseeable changes in your life. A change in job, moving to a new location, getting married, major health concerns and limited time due to more responsibilities will only add up to the pressure where the dog is likely to suffer. Dogs are also basically predators. Dogs practice hierarchy. Larger dogs often occupy and have the alpha male attitude and will bully any new pet that is added to their group. - Do not adopt a new dog without the agreement of all members of the family. Dog sizes also matter. Larger dogs are best when there are children in the house as they are generally more placid.


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