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3 Common Reason For Hair Loss In Dogs

Posted by Mark Henderson on

Hair Loss in Dogs 3 Common Reasons

It is perfectly normal for dogs to shed their hair. However, as a pet owner when you hair loss in dogssee an unusual amount of hair of fur loss in your dog you begin to worry.  Keep your dog healthy and feed them a balanced diet. Is this normal or is there an underlying cause for this to happen suddenly? Hair loss in dogs is commonly referred to as Alopecia and is normally caused by parasites or an infectious disease. Some breeds of dogs naturally shed a lot of hair without any cause for concern. The most normal reasons for dog hair loss are as follows:


Calluses-- these would normally be found on the dog's elbows and back of their legs. It is more usual in large dogs which have short hair, for example a Doberman or Standard Boxer. A dog callus forms because the area is repeatedly rubbed against a hard surface. This could be a hard floor or outside on asphalt. The repeated rubbing removes the hair and allows the skin to become hard. A callus will look hard and have a gray appearance. To treat dog calluses you can apply a cream or ointment to the hardened area. You can help your dog avoid calluses by making sure they have a clean bed to sleep on. Try to avoid having them lie on hard surfaces for long periods.

Dog Dermatitis

Dog Dermatitis-- this is another very common ailment for any dog. Dog dermatitis is an inflammatory skin disorder which causes hair and fur loss. , if your dog is suffering from dermatitis you should notice that their coat takes on a different appearance.. Many dogs with dermatitis lose their sheen. Because of a certain drug your dog may be taking, dermatitis can also appear. It is also a sign that your dog could be developing cancer. Then a trip to the vet is recommended, if your dog starts to suddenly start scratching for long periods of time.

Ringworm in Dogs

If your dog visits a groomer on a regular basis they could develop ringworm, Ringworm--. Ringworm is easily passed on from dog clippers and grooming tools. Ringworm is highly contagious and can be passed from dogs to humans so immediate attention is required. Symptoms of ringworm include scaly patches on your dog accompanied by hair loss. Then be certain to wash all their bedding and feeding utensils, if your dog does develop ringworm. This way you can be sure that no-one in your household picks up the disease. There are many additional reasons why dogs lose their hair. If your dog starts losing huge amounts of hair for no apparent reason make sure you take them to your vet for a check up. It is always best to get these things looked at before they have a chance to develop into something more serious.

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