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Not Sure If Your Dog treats Are Safe

Posted by Richard Massafra on


Dog Food Recalls


In the first 7 weeks of 2017 there have been 3 dog food recalls.  These recalls occur for different reasons.  2 are for possible metal contamination and the other was contaminated with a drug pentobarbital.

People run and work at these companies.  We as humans aren't perfect.   Machines are used and they sometimes wear out or break.  There are many variables  that have to be monitored.  


Safe Dog Food Traits

Some things to consider when picking a dog treat is where is it made. Made in the USA is a good starting point.  Also are the ingredients from the USA or Canada?

What kind of ingredients are used?  We use ingredients from the grocery store.  These ingredients are good enough for me and my family. I feel comfortable feeding them to my dog as well as your fur kid.

Then are they made with complex automated machinery or in small batches with semi automated machines?  We make all the treats in small batches.  Every step of the way there is an eye on it. We use machinery to mix, to form and we put them in ovens and in dehydrators.  


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We can look at it when it comes out of the mixer, after it has been formed, when it comes out of the oven and the dehydrator and when we pack them.

I came from a food service background.  So I instituted a wash, rinse and sanitize system for all of our utensils and we sanitize work surfaces every day.  We are not required to do these steps but I would rather be safe. 

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Sit Up DoggyRichard Massafra is the owner of Sit Up Doggy Treats.  He was in the concession business going to fairs and festivals and feeding hungry crowds.  Now he concentrates on feeding puppies and dogs treats that are good tasting and smell yummy.   He has brought some of that food service training to the pet food industry.  He is concerned about safety and goes above requirements.

Sit Up Doggy donates 8% of proceeds to local K9 units.  We respect and honor those who keep us safe.

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