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How We Make Dog Treats

Posted by Richard Massafra on

How are dog treats made?


I don't know how other people make dog treats but will share how ours are made.First find a good recipe and change it to make it even better. We use oat flour instead of wheat flour. It is better for dogs because the protein is more complete and better absorbed by our 4 legged friends.


Spices and Other Good Things


Then we use real spice. For a couple of reasons. Dogs eat with their nose and second spices are good at reducing inflammation.. Some spices can be good for arthritis others for diabetes and others good for a host of other ailments.


It probably won't cure them but maybe help relieve some pain or discomfort.


We use olive oil because it has many health benefits and good nutrition. It adds fat which changes the consistency of the treat.  Olive oil lessens the effects of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  It may also help the immune system and extend longevity. Once all the ingredients are in place we mix all the ingredients together.  



Form and Bake It


Then we form the dog treat biscuits or cookies by hand or by a manual cookie machine. Then we put them in the convection oven.  From there they go into the dehydrator.  This is were moisture is reduced and the shelf life for a treat goes from days to months.  There dog cookies go from moist to more like a cracker.


The Hi 5 Peanut Butter treats are our softest treat. The Pawfect Pumpkin is the next in line  in order of softness.   Click here to purchase treats

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