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3 Things You Can Do The First Day You Bring A Puppy Home To Make Life Easier

Posted by Richard Massafra on

Bringing A Puppy Home

Bringing a puppy home is an exciting time.  It can get out of hand right off the bat when rules aren't established.  Dogs from day one learn about the leader of the pack.  They try to be the leader of the pack.

You are to be the leader of the pack.  Establish your authority first then you give them attention.  Dogs need attention, food, play and affection.  If they get these things as a reward by performing or working then you become the leader of the pack.


Set Up A Crate For Your Puppy

Introduce your puppy to a crate.  This should be a safe place and not a place where he is punished.  I once had a Belgium Shepard that would go into the create when my kids would yell at each other or there was  some hostility or anger in the room.


Open the crate put some toys in it. Let the pup explore it by smelling it and then put some treats in it and let the puppy get the treats.  Then put more treats in but further and further in until they get to the back of the crate.


Get Your Puppy To Walk On A Leash Easily 

Just clip the leash on the puppy  or a shorter string and let them walk around with it.  You should hold it.  They can explore it and bite it.  

Later hold the leash and see if they will follow you.  Don't drag the puppy. Turn around and squeak a toy and let him come to you.  Then back up and do it again.  You can add treats to this training also.


The Puppy Owner's Responsibility

  It is the owner's responsibility to keep an eye on the puppy.  To make sure they don't get in to much trouble.  Every time a puppy does something wrong you should ask "What was my role in this?"

Do you leave them unattended to long?  Should they have been in the crate?  Did you ignore their request to go outside?  Did you set proper limits? 

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